Cultural Activities

The importance of social and cultural activities is preparing students for real life and strengthening their personal skills. Social/cultural activities not only help students to identify themselves with the university, but also assist students to develop themselves in a desired field and also improve skills such as organisational, presentation, leadership and interpersonal communication.

The Importance of Celebrating Different Cultures and Diversity in the Classroom: As an educator, one of the most important lessons you will ever teach is about diversity. Did you know that being culturally aware can have a significant affect on your student’s success? “Diverse classrooms promote creativity, high level thinking, and collaboration.” Our classrooms represent different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicity, language, religion, and physical ability. Being diverse is defined as all the ways we are alike and different. You may be wondering why this is such a significant lesson for children to learn.
It is important for students to be culturally aware. Learning about other cultures, languages, religions, and holidays aside from their own will help children learn that their classmates may be very different from them. Being culturally aware is a wonderful way to promote inclusion for all in your classroom.
It is important for students to appreciate cultural differences. In addition to being aware of the fact that their peers may be different, it’s also important for kids to learn about some of the unique and amazing things that come from other cultures and ways of life.
It is important for students to overcome stereotypes. Celebrating different cultures will bring to light new thinking and understanding. Students need to understand there is never a right or wrong way- what is ok is that we are all different and we learn and grow together. This type of learning will encourage students to be creative thinkers.

Class Activities


Date : 09 Aug 2018

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